Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine treats the underlying causes of illness rather than individual  symptoms. Once the practitioner has assessed a patient’s specific needs, a formula is individually created to stimulate the body’s natural healing powers. Chinese herbs consist of many natural substances ranging from bark, leaves, flowers, seeds, and animal products, which  have been successfully used as preventative care or as a treatment for  disease.

Only the highest quality of USDA approved herbs are used to create custom formulas for patients according to their unique needs. Formulas can be in the form of raw, powder, capsule, or pill form. Herbal patches or ointments for pain reduction are available as well.

Herbal formulas are very effective in (but not limited to):

Aiding in concentration and sleep

Allergy relief

Alleviating pain and strengthening muscles and bones

Assisting the body’s recovery from the common cold and flu

Assisting the body in expelling disease

Balancing endocrine function

Diminishing stress and anxiety

Eliminating skin rashes such as eczema or allergic dermatitis

Improving digestion

Improving reproductive health and fertility

Nourishing the body due to advanced age or deficiency

Restoring vitality

Strengthening immunity

Treating hormonal imbalances

Whether one wants to nourish their body due to deficiency or age, reduce stress, expel sickness or restore the body’s vitality, we can create an  herbal formula that is right for you.